Hotel construction and materials

Unlike conventional hotel investors, our main focus was not on cost-effective but on sustainable construction. The building materials are materials that have been used for centuries. Brick, wood, clay, natural stone and cotton. The materials were selected so that they would be “good for the users and the environment”. When the hotel is dismantled at some point, we can recycle 99% of the building materials used and virtually nothing goes to landfill.

Energy balance and Co2 footprint

We have excellent thermal insulation. Outstanding sound insulation was important to us. The hotel is heated in the lobby with a wood-burning stove. The main energy source is now 100% organic LPG Primagas liquid gas produced from wood residues and the like. However, we don’t just burn the 100% organic LPG from Primagas, we also generate electricity from it. In the basement there is a Dachs combined heat and power unit with an effective output of 5.5 KW. Together with the PV systems installed on the HolzCenter (30 KW) and the PV system on the self-service car wash, which also belongs to our group of companies (22 KW), we are not only energy self-sufficient, but also have a positive energy balance and feed into the public power grid. We also use geothermal energy with a capacity of over 50 KW and, of course, logs to generate heat.
The hotel is air-conditioned. We have made a conscious decision not to operate the air conditioning system with environmentally hazardous media, but to ensure the cooling load with water.
Our lighting consists exclusively of energy-saving LEDs. All high-traffic areas are equipped with motion sensors so that no guest is left in the dark, but also to ensure that no energy is wasted through unnecessary lighting.
All electrical appliances are serviced at regular intervals by our regional specialist electrical company and their electrical conductivity is measured. We want to make sure that you and our employees work in a safe environment.
Every person needs around 600 to 2,500 liters of oxygen per day. As our air consists of only 21 percent oxygen, we breathe in around 12,000 liters of air in the course of a day. However, our body only absorbs five percent of this oxygen. Even a tree 20 meters high can produce around 10,000 liters of oxygen a day. It can therefore keep 16 people alive. We look after around 3,000 trees in our own managed forests and these provide 48,000 people with fresh air to breathe every day.

Nature in the hotel

The Hotel @ Hoeferer offers its guests the perfect service of a spa hotel in Donaustauf: The proximity to the rehab clinic EDEN REHA makes it easier for you to take advantage of the applications and treatments in Donaustauf. And afterwards you can enjoy your stay in a wonderful rehab hotel. Explore the region around Donaustauf and go on excursions to the World Heritage city of Regensburg. There you can take an unforgettable journey back in time to the Middle Ages in the old town, stop off at one of the charming cafés or order regional delicacies in one of the restaurants. You can also use your time at the spa hotel to take a boat trip on the Danube and go on an extensive shopping spree to buy souvenirs for friends and family. The Donaustauf – Regensburg region has a lot to offer. You are guaranteed not to be bored here and can turn the time you spend being treated at the rehab clinic in Donaustauf into a wonderful relaxing vacation. Does that sound tempting? Then book your room at the Reha Hotel Donaustauf now.

Environmental protection in the hotel

There are only a few sealed surfaces around the hotel. As much as necessary, as little as possible. This means that in the event of heavy rainfall, our water does not have to be drained into the already heavily polluted public sewage system, but most of the water remains on the natural surfaces and slowly drains into the ground. We collect the water from the sealed surfaces underground in several cisterns, from where it can slowly seep away.

Solid wood and naturalness in the WalhallaHotel @ Hoeferer

We come from the forest. Our way of thinking is not, as is usual in commercial and industrial enterprises, a quarterly view of profitability, but we think in time periods like foresters – in generations!
When selecting the solid wood for our rooms and public areas, we were guided by our home region, the Danube floodplains. The original typical tree of the Danube floodplains is the ash. The solid wood floors in the rooms are made of very high-quality, hard-wearing, soaped ash wood. This expresses our connection with our homeland,
to our homeland. Here we are “grounded”. (A little fun fact: the solid wood used was harvested by employees of BavariaForst – our company – in a completely sustainable and soil-friendly manner, small sawmills in the region processed it into carpentry, the wood was air-dried for 4 years until our hotel fitter processed it into this Scandic Design Highlite).
As a cosmopolitan hotel, we were looking for a tree species that is at home all over the world. The choice fell on maple. Maple is the tree species that can be found in the wall panels, in the bed headboard, in the bedside tables and also in the tables in the breakfast area and reception. Incidentally, the traditional tavern tables in Bavaria are made of maple. A tribute to the innkeepers of the good old days.
Last but not least: you sleep in a room with a clay plaster wall. Clay is a centuries-old building material with wonderful properties. Clay regulates the indoor climate and filters air pollutants. We would love to hear from you how well you slept.

Beds and bedding

We have attached great importance to the bedding. These beds are normally only used in a hotel category of 5 stars. The manufacturer is a Franconian medium-sized company. These are the beds in which players of a very famous Munich soccer club sleep before home games. They have a “pillow menu” with a choice of down, high-quality fiber for allergy sufferers, hard and soft. The laundry we commissioned is only 70 km away from us, produces sustainably, conserves resources and substitutes environmentally harmful bleaching agents and surfactants in a structurally weak region in the Bavarian Forest.

Design, appearance, feel-good factor

Our hotel has been given a chic Scandic design. There is a color palette of natural tones, muted, unagitated with a clear and simple design language.
You have plenty of space in the rooms and nothing will consciously or unconsciously disturb you. We focus on the essentials and limit ourselves to the “essentials of true luxury.


The paintings in the hotel were created by Mr. Friedrich Litta. Mr. Litta is the grandfather of the hotel manager Mrs. Antje Höferer. He was born in Berlin and grew up in Blankenfelde. The post-war turmoil of the Second World War drove him and his wife to the region around Hamelin. The works on display in the hotel were created there. ll the works of art are unique reproductions from the family treasure trove.


This starts with the conscious decision to offer shampoo and shower gel from the pump dispenser. The body care products are natural and naturally free from avoidable additives. We do not use outer packaging and avoid purchasing products that are not produced or packaged in a way that conserves resources.


The honey at our extensive breakfast buffet is collected from our own 12 bee colonies in Regensburg and Tegernheim, cold extracted and processed very gently.
We have found a baker from the neighboring village who bakes our rolls, bread, baguettes and croissants fresh every day. No long journeys, no industrially produced baked goods. The beers we serve come from small, regional breweries within a 30-
kilometer radius.
Spreads and “jams” are cooked by grandma in her small kitchen with traditional know-how and a lot of passion and every time our supplies from grandma’s kitchen are restocked with pride. Quality you can taste!

Last but not least

You are in an exceptional hotel. Our employees earn above-average wages and that’s a good thing. The motivation, which is reflected in the cleanliness of the hotel, the state of the entertainment, the creativity of the breakfast buffet and the warmth and cordiality of the staff in their dealings with you, our guests, can only be found in a small family-run hotel like ours.
In short, you as our guest have made it possible to build, operate and maintain such an extraordinary house with your visit to our hotel.
Thank you very much for your visit!